The Scrapbook Designer's Workbook
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“I’ll let you in on a secret. The key to becoming a better scrapbook artist does not lie in owning the latest products, having a fancy workspace, or even having lots of time to scrapbook. The key is becoming a better designer.”

--Kari Hansen, founder of Green Pear Studio and author of The Scrapbook Designer’s Workbook

The Scrapbook Designer’s Workbook
Unlocking the Secrets of Great Page Design
by Kari Hansen

In the beginning, you may have been perfectly content to copy layouts from magazines and idea books. But no more! As your scrapbook skills have developed and your pages have grown more sophisticated, you’ve started to seek out a deeper understanding of the concepts that make a page great. How do you match your title to your journaling? How do you select the best color palette to complement your photos? What makes certain designs stand out, while others fall short? The answers to these questions and so many more are handily collected together in The Scrapbook Designer’s Workbook. From color wheels to curvilinear lines, you’ll learn how to apply tried-and-true design concepts for original, expert-looking layouts.

Good Design is No Accident
Design theory might sound intimidating, but have no fear with former Memory Makers craft editor Kari Hansen as your teacher! Kari has a wonderful knack for explaining key concepts in a hands-on, user-friendly manner. A compilation and expansion of her popular “Designer’s Workbook” columns in Memory Makers magazine, this complete reference tells you everything you need to know in order to design pages that sing.

Rather than a hit-a-miss approach to design, you’ll start by learning a step-by-step design process that will yield awesome pages every time. You’ll come to understand the building blocks of a composition and how to assemble these elements into layouts using the principles of design. You’ll learn how to employ classic color schemes, winning type treatments, and the ever-important “squint test.” Best of all, you’ll gain the confidence and know-how to stray from the “proven” path and follow your own creative journey to brilliant page designs. Forget the gloomy all-work-and-no-play perspective on design theory. This book will help you see it as a game of harmonizing every part of your page to tell a specific story. It’s the very heart of scrapbooking: taking the raw material that is your life and spinning it into a expressive visual memento to savor forever.

Inside The Scrapbook Designer's Workbook you’ll find:

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