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Pear Medallion

Artist: Kari Hansen ( 2003)

To introduce our new line of CridgeWare porcelain embellishments, this sophisticated project features a decorated Cridge medallion. A medley of stamped pears shines in rich jewel tones of Radiant Pearls, copper leafing, and embossing powder. CridgeWare can be decorated in endless designs and multiple mediums to make fabulous custom accents for scrapbook pages, cards, and other crafts. Create designs and apply color to blank Cridge shapes with watercolors, markers, colored pencils, chalks, acrylics, stamping inks, and embossing powder. You can view the entire line of CridgeWear in the embellishments section.

Supply List


  1. Ink pear stamps with green pigment ink and stamp close together on round Cridge ornament. Sprinkle with green embossing powder and shake off excess. Heat set powder with embossing tool. Be careful not to touch ornament until it has cooled. Porcelain conducts heat!
  2. Paint inside of pears with Fandango Green Radiant Pearls, thinning first with a little water. Shade one side of each pear lightly with a wash of Desert Clay. Paint in pear leaves with Desert Clay. Further shade and color pears with chalk in green and brown tones.
  3. Chalk background around pears using sienna, purple, and pink. Variegate the chalk intensity from darker at the bottom of the medallion to lighter towards the top. Give each pear a darker shadow at its base to ground the composition.
  4. Draw flower petals on background with a purple marker. Outline each petal with a violet gel pen. With copper leafing pen, dab to color the pear stems and center of flowers. Add touches of copper stippling to the pear forms and randomly on the background.
  5. Tie a ribbon through hole at the top of the medallion and finish off with a bow.